Creating The Cwtch - Drift Craft Style - Drift Craft by Jo

Creating The Cwtch - Drift Craft Style

My latest project started a week ago this eve in my Drift Craft workshop.... a new home gift for one of my besties who I was finally able to visit at the weekend
Drift Craft by Jo driftwood mirror gin bar
Had the inspiration to utilise an old Mirror and decided to craft it into a gin bar with a bottle shelf, glass holder shelf and some twinkly lights...

Drift Craft by Jo illuminated drift wood mirror gin bar

Mission accomplished - or so I thought!! 

The gin bar looked lovely on the wall but once we discovered a whole pile of aged wood on a scrap heap hidden at the bottom of her gorgeous new garden there was only one thing to do... and so it began - a weekend of sanding, sawing and building...

By the end of day one I had lovely new saw (which I was very excited about!) and we had a bar...

and then it all came together by the end of day two...

The Cwtch was complete!! 

We had created a proper home for my Driftwood Rustic Gin Bar / Mirror utilising a whole stack of old discarded wood. The aged summer house off cuts were sanded, sawn and created into a beautiful bar top standing on the rustic legs formed from the old roofing timbers. Finally we clad everything with a combo of sanded down pallets, and what looked like old floorboards, fence panels and furniture pieces. We even turned a rickety old ‘something’ (we never worked out what it would have been in its time) into a hanging shelf to finish it all off!

Sadly we ran out of time to actually use the bar but I’m sure once restrictions are lifted further there will be many a happy memory made at that bar!

At the time of writing this, I’m not sure I can face the prospect of another complete bar build but I’m thinking home bar accessories and gin bars are a great new way to expand on my current Driftwood Bottle Openers and Driftwood Mirror Ranges

As always, I’m welcome to custom requests and commissions. If you like what we’ve achieved with The Cwtch and would like to add a little Drift Craft style to your home / garden bar do contact me via my website


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